spodtronic for Series 60 (3rd Edition) 3.0

Listen to streaming radio on your phone


  • Large selection of channels and podcasts
  • Well-organised visual interface
  • Displays lyrics, artist information and cover art


  • Bandwidth-intensive

Very good

The days when you had to huddle round the wireless in your living room to listen to radio broadcasts are long gone and you can now listen to a multitude of stations almost anywhere. spodtronic brings streaming radio to Series 60 phones, giving you access to podcasts from stations around the world. In addition to simply allowing you to play music, the service sparkles visually too, offering information such as lyrics and sleeve artwork on your display.

In order to receive spodtronic webradio your phone must use UMTS, or EGDE-GPRS connectivity. The program clearly displays all the current broadcasts that are available for transmission, and you can browse by album cover as well as searching for news-related podcasts. The only downside of the program is that it could incur high charges from your mobile operator as a result of the sheer amount of audio and graphical data that is transmitted, so it's worth keeping tabs on the bandwidth you're using.

However, if you have a flat-rate phone contract, spodtronic delivers a polished interface to help you embrace the very latest in radio technology.

As part of Liquid Air Lab, spodtronic is the first worldwide radio and podcast content Hub, delivering the Total Radio Experience to mobile broadband users. spodtronic intelligently organizes an ecosystem of content and radio providers, operators and handset manufacturers to enable the "Rebirth of Radio".

spodtronic is the first carrier-grade system for Mobile Podcasting. The company delivers a high quality service to mobile phones over-the air, without the need of a PC or an iPod. As a result spodtronic provides mobile users with total control over their audio content, as it offers them a choice from a catalogue of hundreds of radio stations and thousands of podcast channels from all over the world.



spodtronic for Series 60 (3rd Edition) 3.0

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